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She was considered the "Princess of Heart." However, that wasn't completely noticed till farther in when the third game came out. Kairi has always interested me. A simple girl who doesn't remember much of where she was born or who her family is. She has an ability that helps Sora and makes him stronger. She is the reason for Sora's hope and light. I have always liked her ever since I saw the games. Welcome to Heart, my small tribute to Kairi from the Kingdom Heart Series. Beware, there are unmark spoilers through this site.

Last updated: July 31st, 2010

Who are you? And that's not my name. I'm Kairi.

Her name is Kairi. Her age really depends on the game, but for all the games that she is featured in she is either 4, 14, or 15 years of age. Her home is Radiant Garden. There is no knowledge of her parents, but we do know that she did live with her grandmother. Her best friends are Sora and Riku. She is also the seventh princess or the Princess of Heart.

This is real.

In the first game, Kingdom Hearts, there is not much know about Kairi's history. When you first meet Kairi, she is living on Destiny Island with her two best friends, Sora and Riku. All three of them plan to make a raft to escape the island they live on and travel to see different worlds. When Destiny Island is attacked by Darkness, Kairi is captured leaving only Sora and Riku to rescue her. This is what starts the game for Kingdom Hearts. The journey leads Sora through countless attacks to save her. At the end, you learn that Kairi's heart was missing and that Sora had it. You also learn that Kairi is the Princess of Heart. With the ending of the game, you learn more about Kairi's past and where she actually lived it. She lived in Radiant Garden with her grandmother.

Kairi isn't actually seen in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. However, the role that she played was quite important. The idea behind Chain of Memories was to rearrange Sora's memories of Kairi with those of Namine's. However, Namine learned that Sora's memories of Kairi can never be erased. At the end when Namine places Sora into his deep sleep to fix his memories she asks him to look deep into his heart and try to remember the "the one most important to him." The person that is most important to him and located in his heart is Kairi.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Kairi is safe at home attending school regularly with her friend Sophie. She has aged since Kingdom Hearts I. She still thinks about the boy she's seemed to have forgotten. This is due to Namine messing with Sora's memories. Kairi has also become slightly more withdrawn because of Sora's absence and became very wise. She's not as brash and bold as she was in the first game, but she's still pretty sociable. She understands that both Riku and Sora have great destinies and duties to fulfill, but that still doesn't keep her from pondering taking action and searching for them on her own.

She first notices something is happening when her heart is put into contact with a young boy named Roxas. He thinks that Kairi is Namine, but realizes who she is. She is the girl that "he" was looking for. Kairi tries to ask who "he" is when Sora's voice echoes through laughing about how Kairi could forget his name and gives her a hint with the first letter of his name. Soon afterwards, Kairi sends a letter in a bottle out to sea in hopes that it would reach Sora one day. She immediantly remembers his name afterwards.

Kairi soon gets involved with the story line when Axel shows up and tells Kairi to come with him. Of course, she refuses the offer and Axel sends out a bunch of Nobodies to capture her. A bark behind her gives her an option to escape from being captured by Axel. The bark belong to King Mickey's dog, Pluto, who leads her into Twilight Town where Sora was once at. She meets everyone that Sora has previously met and agrees to stay and wait for him. Unfortunately, Axel finds her and captures her. However, instead of her staying with Axel, Saix takes her saying that she is the "fire that feeds Sora's anger."

Kairi is held captured in the World That Never Was until Namine helps her escape. She is almost captured again by Saix when Riku in Ansem's form prevents it. She is finally lead back to where she finally sees Sora battling below. Riku hands her a Keyblade and she agrees to finally help out. At the end of the battle, she is reunited with Sora. She even Riku back into the picture allowing Sora to believe that he has safe the whole time.

Kairi is with Sora and Riku clear to the ending when Sora has to fight Xemnas the first time. After the first battle, Kairi gets sent back home without Sora and Riku and forced to wait till they return. Sora and Riku fight Xemnas for the last time and arrive back home after reading Kairi's letter. In the end, Kairi is reunited with Sora and Riku and everyone is safe.

thinking of you, wherever you are.

There are no real evidence of a true pairing. In Kingdom Hearts, Sora and Riku always had small, fun competitions for Kairi's affections. Kairi never really took them that way, just her friends having fun. For my opinion, though, I believe the relationship was stronger towards Sora. Her heart was trapped in Sora's. She trusted Sora with her Lucky Charm so that he would return back to her.

There is one strong hint that Kairi wants to be with Sora. It is at the end of Kingdom Hearts. At the beginining, Sora drew a picture upon the Secret Cave wall. At the end, Kairi noticed the drawing. It was Sora giving Kairi part of Paopu fruit. In the game, the story behind the Paopu fruit is that whoever shares a Paopu fruit togethe, they will be together forever. Kairi sees this picture and is moved to tears. She adds her side of the picture of herself exchaning Paopu fruit with Sora. This could be interpreted as a sign that Kairi loves Sora, or simply that she truly does want to remain an eternal part of his life.

Even in Kingdom Hearts II, there were a few signs that Kairi was wanting to be with Sora. When she finally makes the decision to go after Sora. She wants to find him and be with him. There is nothing mentioned about Riku. When Kairi finally finds Sora, she runs into his arms. She makes the comment that this real when she realizes that Sora is there, in her arms. At then end, it is Kairi who reaches out for Sora mention that they are home.

And who knows: Starting a new journey may not be so hard. Or maybe it's already begun.

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